The Vitallium Electromatic Induction Casting System is designed to provide Total Biocompatibility, Precision Fit, Comfort, Function and Esthetics.

Unlike conventional metals, Vitallium alloy has unique properties that allow construction of a lighter, less bulky framework that retains the strength and rigidity required to function properly. Because they are thinner, Vitallium Partials feel more comfortable and natural.

Vitallium is manufactured in a quality controlled process that produces a purer alloy, Free from Nicken and Beryllium. It is the same alloy that surgeons have implanted in the human body for over 50 years. Vitallium will not tarnish, dull or corrode and is not altered by saliva.

At M. Makris & Son Ltd we offer only quality, state-of-the-art products and materials. Provide Vitallium Cast Partials for all your partial denture patients.