M. Makris & Son Ltd was established back in 1951 as a licensed dental laboratory by Mr Melis Makris. Being innovative and wanting to implement the most advanced methods on dental prosthetics, Mr Makris was the first and only one since 1962 to qualify as an Authorised Vitallium partial denture laboratory. This system was designed to provide total Biocompatibility, Precision Fit, Comfort, Function and Esthetics.

In 1965, Mr. Makris introduced non precious alloys for crown and bridges instead of gold that was used at the time in the Cyprus market.

In 1983 the son of Mr. Melis Makris joined the lab after finishing his studies at Southern Illinois University in U.S.A.

In 1989 the first implant case with the Branemark System was manufactured by Mr. Michael Makris while in 1993 he introduced the Empress system into the Cypriot market. After that Empress 2 followed in 1998 , Empress Eris in 2003 and E-MAX 2008. Full ceramic crown and bridge restorations reached their peak when Mr. Michael Makris introduced the Procera system in 2003. The success was beyond expectations. The Procera system is by far the most popular and successful full ceramic restoration system in the world. That same year, we imported the first Laser Welding machine as well as the first Vacuum-Pressure casting machine with Argon Atmosphere. This machine produces the cleanest metal castings which lead to the most accurate fittings and at the same time protecting the Alloys from oxidation. This leads to a better bond between the metal and the porcelain so that your prosthesis last longer.

In December 2004 we introduced the Procera Forte scanner for the construction of Zirconia Bridges up to 50mm long. In September 2006 we expanded to 10 units and in 2008 up to 14 units.

In November 2009 we imported the Nobel Procera Scanner. This state of the art scanner has exceptional accuracy and introduces Impression scanning wordwide. It is utilizing proprietary conoscopic holography technology and enables us to scan both models and impressions. Now we can manufacture the widest range of products available on the market including Titanium. We now construct  custom made Implant abutments for practically any system in Titanium or Zirconia. Do not forget that all NobelBiocare products carry an UNCONDITIONAL 5 year warranty!

M. Makris & Son Ltd continues to be a pioneer in the fixed prosthetics division offering top of the line services using the latest technology and introducing the most recent manufacturing methods to make your patients smile brighter than ever!

We are very pleased to announce that since 2012 our company is the sole agent of A.B. Dental in Cyprus. AB Dental is a leading international company specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of Dental implants and oral rehabilitation solutions thus providing a wide range of implants and rehabilitation units to satisfy all clinical needs. A.B. Dental guarantees all its products for a period of 15 years when used in accordance with our instructions and the company’s protocols.