Give Your Patients Something To Smile About! 

If your partial denture wearers “teeth” spend as much time in their pockets as they do in their mouth it’s time to introduce them to Precision Partials.

Precision Partials offer patients Exceptional fit and Retention with Unparalleled Comfort. Your patients will have healthier teeth and gums, improved function and outstanding esthetics. Precision Attachments offer advanced milling techniques for patients who want the best esthetic result with no display of metal. Provide Beautiful, Happy, and Healthy Smiles for all your patients!

At M. Makris & Sons Ltd, we specialize in the most popular Precision Attachments on the market. We will work with you on case planning, as well as, design and estimate so there are no surprises for you or your patient. Predictable and Profitable with Planning! Call us to plan your Precision Attachment Cases.