The system

NobelProcera is a system with the power to meet all your needs and deliver real business growth. Work with a secure full-service provider and experience the peace of mind NobelProcera dental CAD/CAM delivers to you.

Crowns and bridges

NobelProcera offers a complete range of cement-retained crowns and bridges on natural teeth and abutments. Achieve high prosthetic flexibility – from coping and bridge frameworks to full-contour crowns and temporary full-contour bridges. Choose between all-ceramic and metal materials.

Implant Bar Overdenture

NobelProcera CAD/CAM offers you a broad range of restorative solutions for edentulous patients. Irregardless of the number of implants placed, you can choose from a wide selection of implant bar types catering for various clinical and budgetary needs.

Abutments & screw-retained crowns

NobelProcera delivers a full range of precision-milled, safe and strong abutments. Grow your business using one system to offer abutments on major implant systems. Further diversify your offering with time-efficient screw-retained crowns for direct veneering. NobelProcera screw-retained solutions consistently offer long-term clinical success and patient satisfaction.

Implant bridges

Designable up to 14 units NobelProcera offers the largest choice in implant bridges. Receive consistent precision of fit, function and esthetics thanks to the leading manufacturing processes and the high quality materials deployed.

Prosthetic materials

NobelProcera prosthetic components are produced from acrylic, alumina, zirconia, titanium and cobalt chromium – for optimal esthetics and clinical results.

Authentication tool

The authentication tool checks your product’s filename against our records and then tells you whether you have a genuine NobelProcera product. You can check every NobelProcera product manufactured within the last 12 months. Just enter the filename below and press the “verify” button.


NobelProcera products come with an extensive five-year warranty.